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They call a spade a spade in the dry and dusty Mallee region of Victoria. So, when Maurice Conway penned one of his typically wry and dry songs about an alcoholic from Patchewollock he was simply acknowledging his roots.

Maurice is a son of the Mallee through and through, born and bred in the district. And there was something more than slightly prodigal about his recent return to the land of his fathers. 

His travelling years took him to Melbourne, the Northern Territory, Europe and the U.S. But he never forgot his music, nor where it all began. Nowadays he does much of his singing and song-writing alone in a tin shed perched on 100 acres of dirt he purchased near his birthplace.

In recent months the fruits of these embryonic sessions have been heard and enthused over around camp fires, at festivals and in pubs around the region. Many of his songs deal with these locations and the often eccentric characters who populate them. They all have a few things in common... warmth, humour and that high and lonesome sound evoking hard times. And the struggle to overcome them. 

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New Studio Album Release - "Mallee Towns"
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